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Spring 2000

Fall 1999

March 13
Contemporary Architecture in the Islamic World
Raj Rewal 
Architect, New Delhi, India 

March 27
Applying Landscape Theory to the Arab Mediterranean World
Attilio Petruccioli
Former AKPIA Director and Associate Professor of Design 
School of Architecture Politechnico di Bari 

April 3
Strengthening Local Government and Decentralizing Development: Evaluation of the Palestine Rural Development Program
Farokh Afshar
Associate Professor at the School of Rural Planning and Development, University of Guelph 

Contemporary Libyan Architecture: Possibilities vs. Realities
Intisar Azzuz
Independent Scholar 

May 1
Validation and Change: The Aga Khan Award for Architecture
Suha Ozkan
Secretary General of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture

October 18 
Seeing Others, Seeing Ourselves
Caroline Williams
College of William and Mary 

November 1 
David Roberts and Francis Frith: 
Artist and Photographer in 19th Century Egypt

Irvin Schick 
Harvard University

November 22
Barbarians in Arab Eye: Self, Place, and the Discourse of Alterity
Aziz el-Azmeh
Columbia University

Spring 1999

Fall 1998

February 8
Domestic and Religious Architecture in Cairo: Mutual Influences
Bernard O’Kane
The American University in Cairo
Director, the Monumental Epigraphy Project (MEP) in Cairo 

February 22
Between Convivencia and Cultural Genocide
Jerrilynn Dodds
School of Architecture, City College CUNY 

March 13
Picturing Thermal Comfort in Vernacular Architecture
Murray Milne
Professor Emeritus, Department of Architecture and Urban Design, UCLA 

April 26
Time and Order in Isfahan: Urban Reform Under the Safavid Ruler Shah Abbas I (1587-1629)
Nuha Khoury
Department of History of Art and Architecuture and Islamic and Near Eastern Studies Program, UCSB

October 5
Roundtable Discussion: 
From the Personal to the Public: An Individual Experience in
Restoring Traditional Buildings

Sheikha Hussah al-Sabah
Director, Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyya, Kuwait
With David Friedman, Attilio Petruccioli, Nasser Rabbat 

October 14
The Status of Iranian Architecture in the 20th Century
Seyed Aliakbar Saremi

November 4
The Rehabilitation of the Old City of Ghadames: A Comprehensive Action Plan
Samir Abdulac
Architect and UNESCO Consultant 

November 23
Architecture and the Public Realm: Lessons in the Ethical Dimension from the Aga Khan Award for Architecture 
Azim Nanji
Dean, Institute for Isma'ili Studies, London 

November 30
A Short Overview of Modern Bosnian Architecture: Building the Idea of the Particular in the Universal 
Adnan Pasic
Visiting Scholar, Sarajevo 

December 7
Value Systems in Architecture: The Case of the Aga Khan Architectural Awards 
Mustafa Pultar

Visiting Scholar, Turkey

Spring 1998

Fall 1997

February 25 
The Sacred is Not the Divine: Human Nature and Spritual Traditions 
Loyal Rue 
Harvard Center for the Study of World Religions 

February 27 
Sacred Sources of Indian Traditions 
Edwin Bryant 
Harvard University 

March 4 
Lahore, A City Within 
Samina Qureshi
Sheppard and Qureshi Associates 

March 9 
Roundtable: Preserving the Urban Moroccan Heritage 
Said Mouline
Architect & Historical Preservationist, Ministry of Housing, Rabat, Morocco 

March 11
The Divine in Mughal Paintings 
Rochelle Kessler 
Sackler Museum, Harvard University 

March 12 
2,500 Years After Homer: A Living Oral Tradition from the Arab World
Dwight Reynolds

March 18
Sacred Landscapes of India 
Jan Pieper
Technische Hochschule, Aachen, Germany 

March 20
Ritual Spaces of Sufi Shrines
Omar Khalidi

April 1
Architecture and Ritual Movement at the Safavid Court of Isfahan 
Mahvash Alemi 
University of Pescara, Italy 

April 3
Muharram Rites in Trinidad 
Frank Korom

Museum of New Mexico 

April 8
Architecture and Function of the Great Imambara of Lucknow 
Peter Chelkowski
New York University 

April 13 
Problem of Representation in the Art of the Alhambra
Valerie Gonzalez
Ecole d'Architecture de Marseille-Luminy 

April 15
Images of the Divine: The Tombs of Saints and the Mausolea of Kings
Catherine Asher
University of Minnesota 

April 20
A Practical Method of Teaching Geometry to the Architect - Artisan in the Medieval Islamic City 
Alpay Özdural
Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cypress 

April 22
On the Intangibles of Islamic Architecture 
Gulzar Haider
Carleton University 

April 28
Preservation of Urban and Architectural Heritage: A Societal Problem 
Francoise Choay
Universite la Sorbonne 

April 29
Shi'i Symbolism in History and Art 
Noman ul-Haq
Rutgers University

April 29
Roundtable Discussion: 
Urban Preservation and Historic Value
Francoise Choay, Stanford Anderson, John de Monchaux, David Friedman, Attilio Petruccioli, William Porter, Nasser Rabbat

May 2
Roundtable Discussion: 
The Sacred in Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism
Rupinder Singh (Corbu's Chandigarh)
Kazi Khaleed Ashraf (In the Works of Correa and Doshi)
Shakeel Hossain ("Rubanism" - The New Ethnic Urban

May 6 
Contemporary Mosques: Identity and Symbols
Hasan Uddin-Khan

September 24
Kumbakonam: A Sacred and Royal City of South India
Vivek Nanda
University of Cambridge

October 23
Detachment and Fixity:  The Question of Identity in Arab/Islamic Architecture
Samer Akkach
University of Adelaide, Australia

October 27
Provincial Architecture in Islamic Egypt
Doris Abouseif
Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

October 29
From Mohenjadaro to Shujabad: The Grand Tradition of Urban Planning in Pakistan
Abdul Rehman
School of Engineering, Lahore, Pakistan

October 30
Thoughts on a Late Medieval Design Scroll from Iran: Geometry and Ornament in Islamic Architecture (sponsored by HTC)
Gulru Necipoglu
Harvard Aga Khan Professor

November 5
History and Restoration: Reflections on the Negotiation of Neglect
Sawkat Toorawa
Department of Humanities, University of Mauritius

December 3
Mario Ridolfi's Manifesto on Construction
Claudio Damato  

December 12
Roundtable Discussion: 
Sustainable Heritage: A Round Table on Culture, Preservation and Development: The Dead Cities of the Limestone Massif (Syria)
Attilio Petruccioli, Reinhard Goethert, Stanford Anderson, David Friedman, Dennis Frenchman, Nasser Rabbat, Renata Holod (University of Pennsylvania), Thomas Leisten (Princeton University), Linda Schilcher (University of Arkansas), Frank McGuire (Frank McGuire AIA, Boston)

Spring 1997

Fall 1996

February 19 
Understanding Earthen Architecture: An Introduction to Technology and Typology Between Tradition and Innovation
Mauro Bertagnin
University of Udine

February 26
Cities on the Zaravshan River (Central Asia):  An Outline of Urban Development Before and During the First Centuries of Islam
Aleksandr Naymark
Indiana University

March 19 
The Conservation of Medieval Islamic Structures at Isfahan (Iran)
Eugenio Galdieri
University of Rome

April 4 
A Settlement History of the Murghab Delta in Turkmen Islam
Maurizio Tosi
University of Bologna

April 30 
Women in Architecture: Patronage and Place in Pre-Modern Iran
Renata Holod
University of Pennsylvania

April 14 
Architecture and Imperial Ideology in the Illustrated History of Shahjahan
Ebba Koch
University of Vienna

The Beliefs, Rituals, Art and Architecture of Shi'a Islam in India
Shakeel Hussain
Visiting Scholar

Mostar 2004 
Amir Pasic
Visiting Scholar

December  2
The Traditional Arab City and Problems of its Preservation
Andre Raymond
University of Aix-en-Provence

Tangiers: A Cosmopolitan City
Susan Miller
Harvard University

The Urban Development of Ottoman Istanbul
Maurice Cerasi
University of Genoa

 Urban Triumph or Urban Disaster? Dilemmas of Contemporary Post-War Reconstruction
Organized by Jon Calame and Esther Charlesworth

Roundtable Discussion:
 From Antiquity to Islam in the Cities of al-Andalus and al-Mashriq
Organized by Nasser Rabbat and Attilio Petruccioli

 Bukhara: The Myth and the Architecture 
Organized by Attilio Petruccioli

Spring 1996

Fall 1995

Conference: Rethinking the XIXth Century Town: The Morphogenesis of the Urban Fabric
Organized by Attilio Petruccioli
With: Jeremy Whitehand and Karl Kropf, the University of Birmingham, UK; Hidenobu Jinnai, Hosei University, Japan; Pierre Pinon, Ecole d'Architecture Paris-La Defense; Jean Castex, Ecole d'Architecture de Versailles; Guiseppe Strappa, University of Bari, Italy; Sylvain Malfroy, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne; Anne Vernez-Moudon, University of Washington, Seattle; Erick Valle, University of Miami; Michael Conzen, University of Chicago; Brenda Scheer, University of Miami, Cincinnati; and Julian Beinart, Stanford Anderson, Roy Strickland, Aga Khan Professor Attilio Petruccioli, and John Habraken of MIT.  

Roundtable discussion:
 From Classic to Arab Cities:  Urbanism in the Levant During the Medieval Period
Organized by Nasser Rabbat and Attilio Petruccioli
With: Irene Bierman UCLA, Renata Holod UPenn, Thomas Leisten Princeton, Scott Redford Georgetown and MIT Professors Stanford Anderson, Nassar Rabbat & Attilio Petruccioli. 

 Expressions of Identity: The Architecture of Islamic Centers in North America
Organized Hasan-Uddin Khan 
With: Jerrilyn Dodds NYU, Renata Holod UPenn, Syed Gulzar Haider Carleton University, Akel Kahera Princeton, Latif Abdul Malik Princeton. From MIT: Sibel Bozdogan, Nassar Rabbat,Attilio Petruccioli, Omar Khalidi, Khalil Pirani, and Hasan-Uddin Khan. Architects:   Mokhless Al-Hariri, Michael Keselica, Javed Sultan, Richard Shepard, Anwar Hossain, Ilhan Zeybekoglu, Javid Malek.

Spring 1995

Fall 1994

Typological Process and Design Theory
Organized by Attilio Petruccioli
With:Serge Santelli; Giuseppe Strappa, the University of Bari, Italy; Karl Kropf, University of Birmingham; Anne Vernez Moudon, University of Washington; Maurice Cerasi; Francesco Giovanetti, Municipality of Rome; and Giancarlo Cataldi, University of Florence. Professor Petruccioli presented at both conferences. 

Roundtable discussion:
 The Preservation and Developments of the Moroccan Medina: The Case of Essaouira
Sponsored by the AKP and the Moroccan Studies Program at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University

Lecture Series:
Casbah and Medina: Islamic Towns of the Mediterranean
Amir Pasic
Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture, Istanbul
Susan Miller 
Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University 
Serge Santelli 
School of Architecture at Paris-Belleville 
André Raymond
University of Provence, Aix-en-Provence
Maurice Cerasi
University of Genoa

Other Lectures 

Beliefs, Rituals, Art, and Architecture of Popular Islam: Muharram in India
Shakeel Hossain 
AKP Visiting Scholar

Mohamed Fawzi Zniber 
Moroccan architect 

Latifa Chouider
Algerian architect 

Enrico Genovesi
University of Rome

From Place to Type: Theory and Design of Gardens during the Time of Great Muslim Empires
Organized by Attilio Petruccioli
Proceedings in January 1997 as a special issue of Muqarnas
With: Jim Wescoat, University of Colorado; Mirka Benes, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University; Robert D. McChesney, New York University; Maria Eva Subtelny, University of Toronto; John Dixon Hunt, University of Pennsylvania; Mahvash Alemi; Ebba Koch, University of Vienna; D. Fairchild Ruggles and Claudia Lazzaro, Cornell University; and Aga Khan Professor Gülru Necipoglu, Harvard University. 


Jan Pieper 
Technische Hochschule, Aachen, Germany 

Mahvash Alemi
University of Rome 

Ivor Samuels
Joint Centre for Urban Design at Oxford Brooke University 

Abdullah Hanna
Damascus and Aleppo Universities 

Heinz Gaube
Orientalisches Seminar der Universität Tübingen, Germany

Spring 1994

Spring 1990

Rethinking Modernity and National Identity in Turkey
Organized by Sibel Bozdogan
Book from the University of Washington Press, 1997
Conference: Informal Colloquium on the Relationship of Islamic Thought and Cultural Expression

With: Janet Abu Lughoi, Carl Brown, Muhsin Mahdi, Annemarie Schimmel, Bassam Tibi, Oleg Grabar, Ronald Lewcock, Nader Ardalan, Oleg Grabar, Gulru Necipoglu, Luo Xiaowdi