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Library services and collections of printed and visual materials on Islamic art, architecture and urbanism have been developed at both Harvard and MIT with assistance from AKPIA funds. 

The MIT collections in the Aga Khan Documentation Center at the MIT Libraries concentrate on architecture and urban development in contemporary Islamic cultures.

The Documentation Center at Harvard is in two locations: text based resources (books & special collections) in the Fine Arts Library (FAL) in the Littauer Bldg., and AKP slides and digital images (DISC) in the Sackler Museum. The collections document the art, architecture, and visual culture of the Islamic world, with an emphasis on the period before 1900. 

Visual archives at both Harvard and MIT constitute an image repository for materials that have been produced or funded by AKPIA, or that have been donated to it. These collections provide images of a cross-section of Islamic art and architecture of historical importance and contemporary architecture, buildings, cities, and monuments designed for Islamic societies.

Aga Khan Documentation Center at MIT Libraries

Aga Khan Visual Archive  - Archnet
Aga Khan Documentation Center, MIT Libraries 7-238, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139
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Harvard Fine Arts Library

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Fine Arts Library
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