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The Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (AKPIA@MIT) is an academic program part of the MIT Department of Architecture.  The program offers degree courses and sponsors public lectures and conferences at MIT. In addition the program offers travel grants for MIT students, as well as postdoctoral fellowships with residence at MIT.



ArchitectureTalk, Ep 71. Architecture in the Time of Coronavirus with Dr. Nasser Rabbat

May 20, 2020 https://www.architecturetalk.org

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Introducing the Aga Khan Trust for Culture Media Catalogue.

The new catalogue contains links to AKTC resources, which are available to download or consult online. These resources include, films, images, educational lectures and presentations, journals, brochures, and publications, for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, Aga Khan Music Programme, Aga Khan Historic Cities Programme, Education Programme, Aga Khan Programme for Islamic Architecture and Aga Khan Museum.


February 24
Architecture in Dialogue: The Aga Khan Award in its Fourteenth Cycle
Farrokh Derakhshani
Director of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture
Lecture to be followed by a panel discussion with Aga Khan Professors:
From Harvard, 
Gülru Necipoğlu; and from MIT,  Nasser Rabbat and James Wescoat.
Lecture Video