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This AKPIA@MIT project aims to highlight the work of the program’s associates and make it available to our wider community on the web. The papers reflect research done while at AKPIA@MIT and anticipate larger and fuller publications later on.  Also, see Student Travel Grants for additional publications.  

Hanaa M. Adly
Helwan University, Egypt
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 10/07 - 12/07
A Study on Islamic Human Figure Representation in Light of a Dancing Scene

Samer Akkach
University of Adelaide, Australia
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 09/02 - 11/02
Poetry and Landscape Aesthetics in the Arab-Islamic Tradition

Vlad Atanasiu 
Ecole Practique des Hautes Etudes Paris, France
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 10/03 - 7/04
The President and the Calligrapher: Arabic Calligraphy and Its Political Use

Jigar Bhatt
MIT MCP 2006
AKPIA Travel Grant 2005
Preservation of Threatened Islamic Architecture on the Island of Mozambique

Stefan Heidemann
Friederich Schiller Universität
Jena, Germany

AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 09/07 - 02/08
The Transformation of Middle Eastern Cities in the 12th Century: Financing Urban Renewal

Hussein Keshani 
University of Victoria, Canada
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 01/04 - 04/04
Strangers, Lovers, and Kin: Gender Roles and their Interplay with the Architecture of Awadh

Setrag Manoukian 
Università di Milano-Bicocca
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 01/04 - 03/04
History and the Production of the “Culture of Shiraz”

Marcus Millwright 
University of Victoria
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 04/06 - 05/06
Defining Islamic Archaeology: Some Preliminary Notes

Giulia Annalinda Neglia 
Politecnico di Bari, Italy
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 09/04 - 11/04
The Permanence of Roman Layouts in the Urban Fabric of Aleppo

Cristina Pallini 
Milan Polytechnic, Italy
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 10/03 - 07/04
Italian Architects and Modern Egypt

Luis Jose Garcia Pulido
Spanish Research Group
HUM-104, Granada

AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 11/11- 02/12
Bioclimatic Devices of Nasrid Domestic Buildings

Martina Rugiadi
Sapienza Università di Roma
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 09/09 - 11/09
The Ghaznavid Marble Architectural Decoration: An Overview

Nadeem Omar Tarar
National College of Art, Lahore
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 12/07 - 05/08
Framing of a National Tradition: Modern Masters and National Art History in Pakistan (Unavailable for download. Third Text copyright and publisher)

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