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February 4, 2021, Online afikra
Video and Podcast
 | عفكرة  
Conversation with Mikey Muhanna, 
Founder & Executive Director
May 20, 2020, ArchitectureTalk 
Episode 71 podcast
: Architecture in the Time of Coronavirus, a conversation with 
Vikram Prakash

April 8, 2020, Podcast “Can we Learn from the Past?” Arts In Isolation Series - Asia House, London, in association with the Barakat Trust 

May 17, 2019, interview with Marco Werman, host of PRI’s The World on IM Pei’s design of the Islamic Art Museum in Doha, Qatar 

November 15, 2018, “What is a nation? When is a nation?” in The Intellectual Commons Series, Department of Architecture, MIT 

April 5, 2018, “Designing Transcendence:
Light in Islamic Architecture,"
Center for Middle Eastern Studies,
Harvard University

April 3, 2018, “The Historian and the City Between Ibn Khaldun and al-Maqrizi,” Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University

July 7, 2017, “Ethics of Intervention: Framing the Debate on Reconstruction,” WAVE 2017 SYRIA, iuav-University of Venice, Italy 

April 8, 2016, Interview with Giacomo Cosua, Editor-in-Chief, Posi+Tive Magazine on reconstruction in Syria 


August 9, 2021, Interview on about my book on the
“Dead Cities” in Syria,

June 25, 2021,   "الاستشراق والمستشرقون"
Marefa Talks
with Nayel Shafei

June 15, 2021,  كيف تصوغ ا
 مدينتها؟ قاهرة المماليك نموذجاً"” Darah Talks,
King Abdulaziz Foundation, Riyadh 

October 2, 2020,  “صورة الحاكم في مصر
Marefa Talks
with Nayel Shafei

July 24, 2020,  “التدمير في التاريخ
Marefa Talks
with Nayel Shafei

July 18, 2020, Online Cultural Majlis with
Sultan Saoud al-Qasimi. Nasser Rabbat:
My Journey with History

June 1, 2020, Webinar,“A Hopeful Post-Colonial Moment,” Virtual Space, Mawane

May 8, 2020, Webinar, “العمران بين المقريزي وابن خلدون” Marefa Talks
with Nayel Shafei 


April 17, 2020,كيف أصبح المقريزي مؤرخاً
Marefa Talks
with Nayel Shafei

April 11, 2020,  “ليلى إبراهيم ودورها في
 الحفاظ على آثارالقاهرة المملوكية
Marefa Talks with Nayel Shafei

June 9, 2019, interview with Abdul Rahman AbuMaleh, in “Finjan,” also on 
“Thmanyah” Podcast
May 30, 2019, "الثقافة العربية وعقدة الحداثة,”
L'Académie Tunisienne "Beit al-Hikma
July 7, 14, 21, 2018, Interview with Belal Fadl on “‘Asir al-Kutub” (The Juice of Books), episodes 139--141,  Alaraby TV