Iheb Guermazi

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Iheb Guermazi
SM University of Washington 
Graduation 2020

Iheb Guermazi is a PhD student, His research interests include the place of postmodern architectural theory in postcolonial contexts, modern and contemporary narratives of regionalism and questions of identity and representation in architecture.  In his Master’s thesis ‘Archeology of Postmodern Architecture’, he tried to understand the emergence of Postmodernism and its relationship to late-Modernism while examining the discursive dimension of the two movements.

As a Fulbright Scholar, Iheb completed a Masters in History and Theory at the University of Washington. He also holds a Bachelor and a Masters in Architecture form the University of Carthage in Tunisia. He has worked at various architectural practices in France and China where he was involved in the design of cultural projects, social housings and high-rise buildings.  Aside from English, Iheb speaks Arabic and French, along with some Spanish."