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Spring 2010

Fall 2009

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Tuesday, February 16 in room 3-309
Preservation of Architectural Monuments in Kazakhstan: Policies and Methods
Gulnara Kamalova
Head of the Research Department at the 
Kazakhstan Restoration Agency (Kazrestoration)

Tuesday, February 23
Harar, a Muslim City in Ethiopia
Philippe Revault
Architect & Urbanist
Fulbright Visiting Professor
Wentworth Institute of Technology

March 8
Revisiting the Trope of "Unity and Variety" in Islamic Art
Gülru Necipoglu
Aga Khan Professor of Islamic Art 
Harvard University

April 12
Urbanization, Poverty and Land-Use in the Megacities of South Asia
Elizabeth Dean Hermann
Professor of Urban Studies and Landscape Architecture,
Design for Development, and the History of Islamic Architecture
and Urbanism, Rhode Island School of Design

April 20, at 6pm in MIT Room 6-120
Presentation by Ratish Nanda, Aga Khan Trust for Culture (details)

April 26
Interrupting the Archive: Indigenous Interventions to Colonial Categories of Indian Heritage 
Mrinalini Rajagopalan
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow

May 3 at 12:30 pm in Room 56-114
Omar Offendum

May 3
Breaching the Walled Cities of Bilâd al-Shâm
Nicolas Prouteau
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow

May 7, 12:30 pm in Room 3-309
2009-2010 Aga Khan Travel Grant Presentations
MIT Students Recipients of the Travel Grant Award
Bernadette Baird-Zars
Developing Heritage: Constructed Visions in the Decision-Making Process of Property Regulation in Aleppo, Syria 
Charles Curran, MArch 
Retrofit + Shrink-wrap Dubai // An Urban Rescovery Plan
Azra Dawood, AKPIA@MIT SMAchS 
Igor Demchenko, HTC PhD
Ahmad Yasawi Mausoleum in Russian Empire: 1864-1917
Laura Lee Schmidt, AKPIA@MIT SMAchS
Looking at the Book of Secrets in the Absence of Wonder

May 20, 6-8 pm & May 21, 9 am-5 pm 
MIT Kirsch Auditorium
Rethinking Water: A Critical Resource
AKPIA sponsorship contribution. 

Building New Campuses In the Islamic World
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October 5 
KAUST - King Abdullah University for Science and Technology - A Step into the Future 
William Odell, FAIA
Design Principal, HOK Architects 
Ammar Alnahwi, PhD 
Associate Director, Global Collaborative
Research, KAUST US

October 26 
Education for All - Education City, Doha, Qatar 
Kevin Underwood 
Vice President / Principal, EDAW | AECOM

November 16
Drawing on Islamic City-Building Traditions to Create a 21st Century Community of Learning 
David Dixon, FAIA 
Principal in charge of Planning and Urban Design
Goody, Clancy & Associates  

Special Lecture 
Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Palmettes, Arches, Geometrical Patterns: Ornaments in the Marble Carvings from Medieval Afghanistan 
Martina Rugiadi
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 
Sapienza Università di Roma

Spring 2009

Fall 2008

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March 9 
slamabad: The Making of a ‘City of the Future’ 1959-1963
Ahmed Zaib Khan Mahsud
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow

March 16 
Arabian Nights Architecture: The Adoption of Fantasy Middle Eastern Design in Constructing Indonesian and Malaysian Identities
Sarah Moser
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow

April 6 
Planning Jerusalem: Between Ottoman and Colonial Modernity
Salim Tamari
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow

April 13
2008-09 Aga Khan Travel Grant Presentations
MIT Students Recipients of the Travel Grant Award
Zehra Ali: Study of Innovations in Building Energy Efficiency in Northern Pakistan
Zameer Basrai: A Study in Architectural Identity of Ismaili Philanthropic Institutions in Contemporary Bombay
Christian Hedrick: German-Austrian Influences in 19th Century Cairo
Anneka Lenssen: Pioneers and Primitives: Painting from Syria, 1960-1970

Alexa Rosenberg: Managing Evolution in a Prominent African NGO: Lessons from Enda Tiers Monde in Dakar, Senegal

Saturday, April 18
Water in Architecture, Landscape + Urbanism


Saturday, April 25
Exploring the Role of History in Contemporary Architectural Practice

History Theory and Design Practice
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September 15
The Cosmopolitan and The Particular: Observations on Inhabitation, Culture, and Building-form at the Aga Khan University Hospital and Medical School in Karachi, Pakistan
Daniel Gorini

October 20 
Current Work in the Mideast and US
Hashim Sarkis
Aga Khan Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism
Harvard University

November 17
Architecture and Cultural Significance. The Recent Works of RMA Architects Mumbai
Rahul Mehrotra
Associate Professor, Architectural Design
MIT, School of Architecture and Planning

November 18 
Part of Course 4.619: The Historiography of Islamic Architecture 
“Conceptualizing Cultural Autonomy “After Essentialism”: The Case of Ottoman Aleppo” 
at 2 pm in 5-216.
Steve Wolf
Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History
Fordham Univ. Department of Art History and Music

An Exhibition of Photos of Historical Water Landscapes
Adriana de Miranda
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow
Faculty of the University of Bergamo
Opening Reception November 25 from 5:30 – 7 pm
Exhibit on view until December 16
Rotch Library Gallery, 7-238

December 1
Submerged Lands: The Public Trust in Waterfront Design from Chicago to Karachi
James Wescoat 
Aga Khan Professor, MIT

December 8 
Renovation of Syrian Water Wheels in the Orontes Valley
Adriana de Miranda 
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow
Faculty of the University of Bergamo



Spring 2008

Fall 2007

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February 11
Modernism, Anxiety and the Ideology of Arab Vision
Stephen Sheehi
Associate Professor of Arab Culture
University of South Carolina

February 18
The Maghreb Connection: Counter-geographies in the Sahara
Ursula Biemann
Artist & Curator 
Institute for Art and Design Theory
Zurich, Switzerland

March 13
A Brief Report on Contemporary Art in Syria
Anneka Lenssen
PhD Candidate and recipient of the 2007 AKPIA@MIT Travel Grant.

March 17
Arab Aesthetics Reconsidered: Art Today
Nada Shabout
Sping 2008 AKPIA@MIT Lecturer 
Assistant Professor of Art History 
University of North Texas

April 28
Framings of the Tradition: The Career of Miniature Painting in South Asia
Nadeem Omar Tarar
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow
Assistant Professor, National College of Art
Lahore, Pakistan

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October 22
Two presentations in the Stella Room

Orientalism, Self-Orientalism and Identity Politics: The Mosque in Western Europe and North America
Nebahat Avcioglu
Visiting Associate Professor, AKPIA@MIT
Columbia University Institute for ScholarsParis, France
Azra Aksamija
PhD Student, AKPIA@MIT
Artist Affiliate, Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT

November 19
Nebukadnezar and Saladin - The Iconography of History in Contemporary Political Representation in the Middle East
Stefan Heidemann
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow
Friederich Schiller Universität
Department of Semitic Philology and Islamic Studies
Jena, Germany

November 26
Antiquarianism and Connoisseurship in 19th century Cairo: Some Reconsiderations
Mercedes Volait
Centre National de Recherche Scientifique
Paris, France


Spring 2007

Fall 2006

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February 12
“Mysterious” Dubai 
Nadia Al-Hasani 
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 
Department of Architecture
American University of Sharjah, UAE

February 26
Public Works and the Public Good:  Modernizing Urban Space in Ottoman Izmir
Sibel Zandi-Sayek
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 
Department of Art & Art History, 
College of William & Mary, Williamsburg

March 5
Open Terrains
Anuradha Mathur
Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning Department
University of Pennsylvania 

Monday, March 12, 5:30 pm
2006-07 Aga Khan Travel Grant Presentations
MIT Students Recipients of the Travel Grant Award
Razan Francis AKPIA PhD
Spain: Cultural exchanges and migration of styles
Sadia Shirazi MArch
Ritual + Space: the Sufi Shrine of Shah Jamaal

March 15
New Town-New Life: Garden City in Translation
Esra Akcan
Graduate School of Architecture
Columbia University

March 22
Searching for Water and Wisdom in the Indo-Islamic Garden
James L. Wescoat Jr. 
Landscape Architecture Department
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 

April 10
Two special presentations part of the seminar 
4.617: The Islamic City: 
From an Orientalist Concept to a Contemporary Aspiration

Deeba Haider
Auctioning Identity to the Highest Bidder; From Bedouin to Babylon in 35 years: The Degeneration of Cultural Identity in the Urban Environment of Dubai
Ahmed Kanna
Anomalous Spaces in 'the Orientalist Dream City': An Unconventional Look at Dubai

May 7
Status, Gender, Privacy. The Transformation of Domestic Culture in the Beirut House, 1860-1930 
Ralph Bodenstein
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 
Post-Doctoral Fellow, German Archaeological Institute (DAI) in Cairo

May 11
Working in Paradise, 
Restoring Baghe Babur and Humayun's Tomb Gardens 

Ratish Nanda
AKTC Conservation Architect, New Delhi

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September 25
Documentary Film Presentation: 
Celebrating Popular Islam in India: Short Films on Devotional Images and Rituals of Indian Muslims
Yousuf Saeed
Documentary Film Maker
New Delhi, India 

October 23
Between Scholarship and Experience: The German and French Discourse on Islamic Architecture
Lorraine Declety
Ecole pratique des hautes études, Paris 
Technische Universität, Dresden 

November 13
Patterning Knowledge: Geometry and Islamic Art
Carol Bier
Research Associate 
The Textile Museum, Washington, DC

Spring 2006

Fall 2005

February 13
The Architecture of the 'Eastern Question': Diplomacy and Space in Late Ottoman Istanbul
Paolo Girardelli
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow, Bogaziçi University 

March 13
The Citadel of Jerusalem Revisited: An Architectural and Archaeological Investigation
Mahmoud Hawari 
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow, Oxford University 

April 10
'Dis-Orientalism' - Palestinian Artists between East and West
Gannit Ankori
Harvard Divinity School 

April 21 & 22
Symposium: The Mosque in the West

April 24
2005-06 Aga Khan Travel Grant Presentations
MIT Students Recipients of the Travel Grant Awards 

May 15
Authenticity in Architecture: A Postcolonial Critique
Can Bilsel
University of San Diego

October 3
The Politics of Pleasure: The Strategic Use of Umayyad Bath Complexes
Lara Tohme
Knafel Assistant Professor in the Humanities, Wellesley College 

October 29
Workshop: The Mamluk Domes of Cairo

November 14
Rethinking the Pleasure Garden in the Munyas of Cordoba
Glaire Anderson
College Art Association Professional Development Fellow


Spring 2005

Fall 2004

February 28
2004-05 Aga Khan Travel Grant Presentations
MIT Students Recipients of the Travel Grant Award

March 7
Muslims and the Language of the Other in the Umayyad Visual and Verbal Vocabulary of the Dome of the Rock
Abier Ziadeh Shamma
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow 

March 14
Architecture in Lebanon: From Modernism to Contemporary Trends
Elie Haddad 
Department of Architecture Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon 

April 4
New Urbanism and the Heritage of the Islamic City: The Case of Jerusalem
Yosef Jabareen
AKPIA@MIT Post-Doctoral Fellow  

April 11
Nation, Myth and Memory: The Reception of Ghurid Architecture East of the Indus
Alka Patel 
Senior Fellow, American Institute of Indian Studies, Gujarat, India

May 6 & 7
Islamic Cities in the Classical Age


Available Bios & Abstracts

October 4
Images of Sufi Leaders in Ottoman and Safavid Manuscripts
Ethel Sara Wolper

University of New Hampshire 

October 25
The "Afghan Girl' in Transnational Visual Culture
Holly Edwards
Williams College 


November 1
Aestheticizing Politics and Politicizing Aesthetics: Visual Artists and the Cultural Production of Muslim Identities in NYC
Munir Jiwa
Columbia University
Aga Khan Program Post-doctoral Fellow

November 15
Rural-imperial Relations in Medieval Jordan: An Architectural Perspective from Tall Hisban
Bethany Walker
Grand Valley State University 

November 22
Mediterranean Cities: Aleppo, Forms of the City Intra Moenia
Giulia Annalinda Neglia
Politecnico di Bari
Aga Khan Program Post-doctoral Fellow 

December 6
Deliberating Iraq Film screening and discussion with one of the directors of "About Baghdad"
Sinan Antoon
Dartmouth College

Spring 2004

Fall 2003

Available Bios & Abstracts 

February 9
Public History and the Production of the "Culture of Shiraz"
Setrag Manoukian
Università di Milano-Bicocca, Milan
Aga Khan Program Post-doctoral Fellow 

April 5
Strangers, Lovers and Kin: Gender Roles and their Interplay with the Architectural Delights of Awadh, India
Hussein Keshani
University of Victoria, Canada
Aga Khan Program Post-doctoral Fellow 

April 12 
Italian Architects in Modern Egypt
Cristina Pallini

Politecnico di Milano, Milan
Aga Khan Program Post-doctoral Fellow 

March 1
DIALOGUE in Concert Program 
Kinan Azmeh, Dima Orsho, Kinan Abou-Afach, Omar Al-Musfi and Issam Rafee

May 7, 8 & 9
Symposium: Harem in History & Imagination

May 10
Handwriting of the Dead: Advances in Script Identification and Synthesis
Vlad Atanasiu
École Pratique des Études Superiors, Paris
Aga Khan Program Post-doctoral Fellow

Available Bios & Abstracts 

September 29
Tell Tale - The Alphabet, Outcome of Millennia of Mayhem
Thomas Milo
President of DecoType, inc. The Netherlands 

October 3
Consuming Heritage or the End of Tradition
Nezar AlSayyad
School of Architecture and Planning, University of California, Berkeley 

October 6 
MTV, The Middle East & Mainstream Media: Using Music and the Arts to Expose Another Side of Arab Culture
Lorraine Ali
Music Critic Newsweek Magazine 

November 3 
Bourdieu's Battle in Algeria: War, Ethnosociology, Photograph
Helene Lipstadt
Research Affiliate, MIT 

November 24 
Photographing the Void: The Camera and the Representation of Islamic Architecture
Gary Otte
Vancouver, Canada

Spring 2003

Fall 2002

March 10
Islam on the Internet: From Private Discourse to Public Sphere
Jon W. Anderson
Department of Anthropology, Catholic University of America 
Department of Arab Studies, Georgetown University 

April 14 
Looking for Gender and Sexuality in Qajar Visual Culture
Afsaneh Najmabadi
Departments of Women's Studies and of History
Harvard University 

April 28
"Brotherly Love": The Safavid Household and the Index of Belonging
Sussan Babaie 
Department of the History of Art 
The University of Michigan 

May 5
Achievement and Disaster:  Ernst Herzfeld's Excavation at Samarra 1911-1913
Thomas Leisten
Department of Art and Archaeology
Princeton University


September 16
Individual and Community in South Asian Islam since 1850
Asha Jalal
Department of History, Tufts University

October 7
Picasso's Reconquista
Natasha Staller 
Department of Fine Arts, Amherst College 

November 1 
Piano and Clarinet Recital Program 
Kinan Azmeh, clarinet & Rami Khalife, piano

November 18
Displaying Hierarchies: Ritual Uses of the Space at Sufi Zawiyas in Aleppo
Paulo Pinto
Visiting Professor, Fluminense Federal University, Rio de Janeiro 

November 20
The Poetics of Concealment: Al-Nabulusi,s Encounter with the Dome of the Rock
Samer Akkach
AKPIA Post-Doctoral Fellow 

December 2
Film: Between Prayers: Proscribed Scenes from a Historic Monument
Chala Hadimi
2002 MIT AKPIA/SMArchS Graduate

Spring 2002

Fall 2001

February 11
Through the Eyes of a Child?: Looking at Persianate Painting Again   
David J. Roxburgh
History of Art and Architecture
Harvard University 

March 4
Practical Orientalism, Practical Occidentalism: Contesting the Islamic Heritage on Crete
Michael Herzfeld
Department of Anthropology 
Harvard University 

April 17
Third Spaces: On the Design Discourses Between Traditionalism and Modernism
Bulent Tanju
Aga Khan Program Post-doctoral Fellow

April 29
Describing Colossal Egypt
Darcy Grimaldo Grigsby
Department of History of Art
University of California at Berkeley 

May 15
The Water Supplies and Their Impact on Urban Development in Ottoman Istanbul
Kimiyo Yamashita
Aga Khan Program Post-doctoral Fellow

October 1
Across the Border: Making Migrants' Spaces
Gulsum Nalbantoglu
Dept. of Interior Architecture & Environmental Design, Bilkent University, Ankara
Cancelled lecture. 

October 29
The Venetian Palace and the Islamic World
Deborah Howard
St John's College, Cambridge University 

November 26
Changing Urban Enviroment: Residential and Public Architecture in late Ottoman Damascus
Stefan Weber
Deutsches Archaeologisches Institut, Damascus


Spring 2001

Fall 2000

February 5
The One-which-is-two, Mosque Battles and Other Stories: Architecture, Religion and Politics in the Indonesian World
Abidin Kusno
Metropolitan Studies Program, New York University 

February 12
Architecture of the Public Square: Representations of the City and City Life in Jaffa (1799-1950)
Ruba Kana'an
Barakat Trust Fellow in Islamic Art & Archeology Oriental Institute, Oxford, UK 

February 19
Ruins into Monuments: Memory, Nation and Modernity in the Restoration of the Great Mosque of Damascus and the Krak des Chevaliers
Heghnar Watenpaugh
Department of Art and History, Rice University 

February 26
Social Memory and Practices of Commemoration: Lahore's Monumental Past
William J. Glover
Department of Architecture, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 

March 5
The Historical Imagination: The place of Mimesis in the study of Islamic Architecture in Iran
Kishwar Rizvi
Post-Graduate Fellow, Yale University 

April 23
Urban Development and Patronage of Islamic Architecture in 15th - 17th Century Ottoman Bosnia/Hercegovina
Machiel Kiel
Aga Khan Visiting Scholar, Harvard University
University of Utrecht, The Netherlands 

April 24
Ottoman Expressions of Early Modernity and the Inevitable Question of Westernization  
Shirine Hamadeh 
NEH / ARIT Post-Doctoral Fellowship
American Research Institute in Turkey 

May 1
Weaving Historical Narratives:Tuesday Beirut's Last Mamluk Monument
Howayda Al-Harithy
Department of Architecture and Design
The American University of Beirut 

May 18 & 19
Exploring The Frontiers of Islamic Art and Architecture

September 25
New Mosques in Germany: Design, Identity, and Minority Status
Sabine Kraft
Architect Ludwig Althaus Firm
Philipps-Universitaet Marburg 

October 17 
Cultural Identities and Representation: Colonial Architecture in India 
Mikikumar Desai
School of Architecture, Centre for Environment Planning and Technology (CEPT)

Novenber 13
United We Fall: Disjunction and Difference In Medieval Islamic Art
Yasser Tabbaa
Ann Arbor, Michigan 

November 20
A Critique of the Mosque Institution in Malaysia
Mohamad Tajuddin Mohamad Rasdi
Dept of Architecture, Faculty of Built Environment University of Technology, Malaysia 

December 4
Landscape and Ideology: Looking for Medieval Jerba
Renata Holod
History of Art, University of Pennsylvania