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Aslihan Demirtas, AKPIA SMArchS 2000 (July 20)
Issue of Arredamento Mimarlık (in Turkish) where they dedicated a profile section to Aslihan's practice, Here is the article in English..

Francesca Liuni, AKPIA SMArchS 2016 (June 20)
Assistant professor of Interior Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design. See about her previus exhibit here

Murat Germen, AKPIA SMArchS 1992 (May 20)

Website showing the artworks and museum / gallery exhibitions:
Short bio:
Google scholar citations for published articles:

Azra Aksamija, AKPIA PhD 2011 (May 20)

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization hosted an exhibition of Azra Aksamija and her Future Heritage Lab research about
cultural resilience.

Designed the exhibition architecture for the exhibition “Sanctuary” at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, which explores the concept
of the safe haven.

Book: Architecture of Coexistence: Building Pluralism investigates how architecture can shape an open-minded and inclusive society,
highlighting three internationally renowned European projects

 Azra is now an Associate Professor with tenure in June 2019 in the MIT Department of Architecture, Program in Art, Culture and Technology.

Farrah Sabouni, AKPIA SMArchS 2014 (May 20)

Top 30 Influential Women of Houston.

Michele Lamprakos, AKPIA PhD 2006 (May 20)

2019-2020  National Humanities Center Fellowship (includes a list of recent publications)
2018:  Society of Architectural Historians:Spiro Kostof Book Award/Honorable Mention:

Jenine Kotob, AKPIA SMArchS 2013  (May 20)

Inaugural Citizen Architect, American Institute of Architects  
2020 Associates Award, American Institute of Architects  

Villa Mesopotamia – 2002-2020, Poject by Jalal Algaood, AKPIA SMArchS 1990

This project is a personal investigation in architectural design: One that allows the outdoors to determine the indoors? How views, Sunlight, context, utility and zeitgeist can define the form of Architecture. Full description

Harvard Exhibit by Francesca Liuni, AKPIA SMArchS 2016: "Syntax of an Astrolabe" (June 2017)

Article by Nasser Rabbat: About the AKPIA Posters